Ironheart Corporate Advisory was founded to address three challenges we’ve seen growth companies encounter time and time again.

Extraordinary (Challenge) #1:    Running The Red Zone Offense

It is imperative to do the block-and-tackling of managing the day-to-day business well.

It is just as imperative to meet the extraordinary one-offs that will set the trajectory of the business going forward – the significant commercial sale, a financing round, a new alliance, the M&A transaction, or re-visioning the company, its products or services. 

Few growth companies are tooled to meet both imperatives well. 

Ironheart leverages deep experience leading initiatives when the company is in the ‘red zone’… near the goal line, with the clock winding down, and every step by every player involved in the execution phase potentially determining victory or failure. 

These are the times which are most pressure-filled, high-stakes, noisy, messy, emotional, and frustrating. 

These are when uneven corporate teams (i.e., strong in certain domains, less strong in others) reveal themselves. 

These are when inconsistent advice from a cacophony of outside management consultants, lawyers, accountants, and others only add to the complexity of the challenge.

These are when articulating a clear, differentiated and compelling value proposition is most at risk of becoming muddled, diluted, confused or even meaningless.

These are the situations when we are most at home… when the pressure is on, the clock is running, and we need points on the board fast. 

We do it by integrating the team… managing, supporting, coaching, cajoling, supporting, delivering. 

We do it by taking out the noise, managing through the personalities, leveraging the best expertise, and integrating work product from multiple contributors into a unified, compelling whole.

We do it by leading the extraordinary. 

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Blogs on Extraordinary #2 and Extraordinary #3 coming soon.