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James and His Climate AI Company

James has spent a career working for multi-nationals and start-ups. He most recently was CEO of a social venture focused on accelerating market-based solutions to climate change.  [Hint: He hangs with a lot of Nobel Prize winning scientists.] 

He is now launching a new venture focused on using big data and artificial intelligence technologies to create climate change-related solutions. 

We are joining him on the journey,  from conceptualization, to setting the trajectory of the business, to its launch, angel funding and ultimately venture funding.  This is the beginning of a noble venture, one designed to bring our best minds and best technologies together to address one of the greatest challenges our planet faces. 


EPISODE 1: James and I get together. Its a massive vision, and a noble one. And we get to be there with James, step-by-step


EPISODE 2:  James and I work on getting the 'codes' and trajectory for his venture right out-of-the box, the first time...  


EPISODE 3:  James and I develop the metrics that matter for his venture... those metrics along the way that demonstrate his business model and business plan are working. 


EPISODE 4:  We frame up James' pitch before he gets on the road...