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Trish Weinstein is a Senior Advisor at Ironheart Corporate Advisory focused on scaling high-growth organizations to optimize corporate performance. 

Trish has over 15 years of experience providing human resources and talent leadership to both public and private companies, including most recently Grabit, a robotics automation start-up in Silicon Valley backed by leading strategic partners, Nike and FedEx.  She successfully scaled the HR organization to meet the high-growth and diverse needs of a disruptive technology with an international presence. 

Prior to Grabit, Patricia led Human Resources for GlobalEnglish, a software company with employees located in 17 countries.  Trish has also advised high-tech and life science companies, including Intuit, Brocade, Equinix and a multitude of start-ups, on scaling, transitioning and restructuring their talent pools in order to optimize performance.

Trish holds a B.A. from UCLA and a M.A. from Pepperdine University.