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Julia Wilton is Senior Advisor at Ironheart Corporate Advisory, with two decades of experience as the senior strategic marketing and brand executive with both public and private companies.

Julia led marketing for Iridium beginning with its emergence from one of the highest profile bankruptcies in history, its subsequent IPO, and ultimately re-securing its position atop the global satellite industry. 

Julia’s marketing campaigns have earned such recognition as the Summit Emerging Media Award, Marcoms Award, AVA Digital Award, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, IABC Excel Award, Telly Award, amongst others. 

Julia provides strategic marketing and communications counsel to non-profits and NGOs through Maple Leaf Consulting, LLC.  Her passion is empowering women through education, and she has spent significant time in Tanzania mentoring women on critical leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  She also serves on the Board of Directors of STEM for Her, a non-profit foundation encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM-related careers.  She is a member of The Leadership Foundry Corporate Board Committee.  Julia holds an MBA from the University of Maryland.