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I’ve spent nearly 50 years figuring out the games people play.

In politics.   In big companies and small.  

With all kinds of people.  All around the world. 

Who come from different traditions and cultures. 

Who have different beliefs and values.  Who think, act and do in their very different ways.

The Game is different each time.  Except that it isn’t.

It’s about people.  It’s about money.  It’s about power.  It’s about ego.

It’s about aspirations.  It’s about fears.

It’s about how people think, perceive and are motivated to act. 

Including yourself.  And myself.   

There are subtle systems, codes and patterns at play. 

Those who understand those systems, codes and patterns… and know how to apply this skill to the real world as executives, managers and change makers…  win The Game.

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